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Smile makeover

We can improve the smile in different ways ,one of the most common is veneer.Veneers are strong, thin pieces of ceramic or resin material that are bonded to the teeth. Veneers are used to repair chipped, decayed or stained teeth and may help in closing gaps between teeth.

veneers can be made of either porcelain, which are produced in a laboratory and bonded to the teeth at a separate appointment from the preparation appointment or from composite resin  filling material, which can either be made in a laboratory and bonded on at a later date (like porcelain veneers) or built directly onto your tooth by the dentist.

Dental Hygine

When maintaining healthy teeth and gums is so critical to your overall health, it’s easy to recognize how important it is to make regular hygiene care a priority.

Over 60% of Canadians suffer – many unknowingly – from periodontal disease. There is clear evidence that this condition is linked to many serious health conditions including stroke, autoimmune disorders, heart disease and more. Prevention begins with proper dental care that includes a regular checkup and cleaning from your dentist and hygienist team.


 If you have crooked teeth and/or a misaligned bite,there are a variety of treatments that can help straighten teeth , including braces and retainers. Many general dentists are doing basic alignment and orthodontics,

 FASTBRACES® Bracket Systems have the unique elbow ,allow the process of straightening the roots of the teeth to an upright position from the beginning of treatment by using patented braces  FASTBRACES® uses breakthrough technology designed to cut out the two-step process of traditional braces.it delivers beautiful results, even in about 100 days

Wisdom Teeth Extraction


Sometime between late teen years and the early twenties, your third molars, or wisdom teeth may emerge. Often these do more harm than good and your dentist may recommend to surgically remove the wisdom teeth to prevent other dental problems such as crowding of your more important teeth. Additionally, they may be impacted (trapped in your jawbone or gums) typically because there is not enough room for them to grow properly.  

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic)

Often when a tooth has become infected or abscessed as a result of decay or an injury, it is possible for the dentist to save your tooth by performing root canal treatment. (we may also refer you to an endodontist for treatment.) During the root canal treatment, an opening is made in your tooth to access the infected nerve, which is then removed. Following root canal therapy, The dentist may place a temporary seal or a permanent filling over the tooth.

Most teeth that have root canal treatments will require a crown to support the remaining tooth structure.


Restorations, provide the most reliable repair where the dentist has detected signs of decay. Our practice uses composite restorations also known as tooth-coloured fillings

Applying composite tooth bonding is a restorative procedure that uses tooth enamel-coloured composite resin (plastic) to repair teeth that are decayed, chipped,fractured or discoloured. Tooth gaps can also be closed.

Unlike veneers, which require laboratory work, bonding

is done in the dental office.

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Flexible denture

A removable partial denture replaces all lost teeth in the arch.By clasping the

 remaining adjacent teeth, 

 DuraFlex Flexible Partial dentures provides several new and unique benefits to our patients.Its inert, durable and resistant quality to many chemical solvents, bases and acids .DuraFlex is extremely resistant to stain and odors, making it our most durable and color stable flexible solution . Flexible denture is highly translucent and blends incredibly well with the patient existing soft tissues,NO metal wire clasps making this partial virtually indistinguishable in the mouth.   

sedation dentistry

 Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry, is the most commonly used method for patient relaxation in dental offices. Dentists use nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, to provide more comfortable and painless dental treatments to their patients 

 Nitrous oxide sedation is the lightest form of dental sedation, but it can provide adequate level of relaxation for most people and for the majority of dental procedures. It involves breathing a mixture of nitrous oxide gas in combination with oxygen which can help anxious patients to become more relaxed and co-operative during treatment without experiencing pain. 

Mouth guard

 Teeth grinding not only affects your mouth, but other body systems as well. Anxiety or stress can play a role in teeth grinding, which can contribute to headaches, facial muscle pain and spasms, jaw and neck pain and insomnia. Many people who grind their teeth are not aware that they are grinding .

 A night guard can be used to prevent damage and injury to the teeth during nighttime. It is a small device that is worn over the surface of the teeth and is designed to eliminate tooth on tooth contact. They are constructed from either flexible plastic or hard, rigid materials, depending on the level of grinding the patient is experiencin 

In office whitening

 Teeth naturally darken with age, however staining may be caused by various foods and beverages such as coffee, tea and berries, some drugs such as tetracycline, smoking, or a trauma to a tooth. There are various teeth whitening options available, including in-office and at-home bleaching 

 Opalescence Boost in-office power whitener is a chemically activated gel that provides brighter, whiter teeth after just 40 minutes in the dental chair. 

 Opalescence Go is the perfect option for patients who are looking for convenient, ready-to-go whitening. A professional whitening gel delivered in prefilled, disposable trays,  

Modern Crowns and Bridges

When a tooth has been damaged by decay or through an accident, rather

than remove the tooth completely, it may be possible to fit a cover known as a crown or cap over the remaining tooth.

 A fixed bridge can often be a perfect solution to restoring one or more missing teeth. The replacement tooth is anchored to crowns placed on both sides of the missing teeth to restore a proper bite, function and beauty to your smile. 

 Zirconia crowns are the strongest dental crowns.They are made of zirconium,There are two types of zirconia: solid and high translucent. Both of them can be made using the CAD CAM technology. These technologies give you a precise fit and unmatchable look. 

Clear Aligners

 Clear aligner therapy refers to a series of clear dental appliances that are formed to the shape of a patient's teeth.Clear aligners gradually improve appearance and function by applying gentle, consistent pressure to a patient's teeth, Clear aligners are popular because they can do a lot of the things traditional orthodontics can do,more discreetly and conveniently.Some issues (like crowding & spacing) are easier to treat with clear aligners than others (like open bite). 

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Dental Implant


MEK Dental is experienced in the latest technology including dental implant restorations. These biocompatible, screw-like titanium fixtures are surgically placed into your jawbone. After the implant is anchored into the bone , a post or abutment is installed and your permanent tooth is attached. If you are missing teeth , an implant may be right for you. Call MEK Dental to schedule an Implant Consultation today 

laser Dentistry

  Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive option when you’re facing gum surgery, cavity treatment, or other oral issues. Dentists use lasers in a variety of procedures involving the inside of the mouth, be it to remove overgrown tissue, to reshape the gums, or to whiten teeth  Most issues laser dentistry treats are related to the gums. Some of these include:

  • Canker sore and cold sore pain treatments.
  • Treating root canal infections.
  • Treating gum disease.
  • Removing gum inflammation.
  • Gum reshaping 
  • Biopsies.
  • Exposing wisdom teeth.
  • Regenerating damaged nerves.
  • Removing benign oral tumours.