Dental Sport Guards London

Dental Sport Guards London

The Importance of Custom-Fit Sports Mouthguards

The purpose of a sports guard is to protect your teeth from damage or displacement during sports or other vigorous activities and to provide added protection for your head and brain from concussions.

While generic mouthguards are readily available at many drugstores and sports shops, to achieve optimal protection, it is recommended to have a custom-fit mouthguard. This is done by taking impressions of your teeth and having a mouthguard constructed to fit your mouth specifically, usually for the upper teeth.

This ensures a proper fit and maximum protection, as opposed to generic mouthguards that often have poor fit, comfort, and stability during physical activity.

Why a Custom-Fit Mouthguard from Your Dentist is Worth the Investment

While purchasing a custom-fit mouthguard from your dentist may seem more costly, it may be the safest and most effective option for protecting your teeth, particularly for those who participate in sports. Factors that can influence the cost of a dentist-made mouthguard include:

The dentist taking an accurate mold of your teeth, ensuring a perfect fit and eliminating the need for at-home molding kits.

  • Customization for teeth grinding or clenching.
  • The ability to make adjustments as needed for added comfort and protection.
  • A slimmer, more comfortable fit compared to bulkier store-bought options.
  • sports or have concerns about teeth grinding and clenching

Overall, custom dental mouthguards are highly recommended for those who participate in sports or have concerns about teeth grinding and clenching.

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