About Us

"We take care of your smile"

 At MEK Dental we pride ourselves at being more than a dental clinic. We offer a relaxing environment with state-of-the art dental equipment and facilities to cater to our patients' needs in the most caring and considerate way. Our highly trained staff are kind and caring to attend to all of your dental needs.  We have been in London since 2010. As of July 2017, we got a new owner, Dr Genan Al-Shakhly. Our belief is that every patient should feel valued and cared for in a friendly and professional environment. Our office is now up to date on all the modern technology, including digital x-rays  and  panoramic x-ray machine with less radiation exposure. digital intra-oral camera and screen.

we use electronic management system to run our office.  

About Dr. Genan Al-shakhly

Dr. Genan Al-shakhly graduated from Baghdad University, School of Dentistry 1988.As she new immigrant to Canada ,she passed the National Board Exam in 2017. She has been practicing dentistry for 30 years, promoting leading-edge cosmetic and restorative dentistry. In addition, she worked as an adjunct clinical professor at the University of Western Ontario for 2 years.

She is a mother of 3 boys, her husband is a periodontist, she enjoys cooking traditional food for her family, she likes to travel and listening to classical music. She believes that a beautiful smile does not need to be an expensive smile. Affordable options are always available in dentistry. She hopes to serve the community with her long experience and professional skills to make everybody proud of his/her smile.

"It's important to me that every person I see is treated as an individual, and talks about their experience here as being positive and helpful completing their cosmetic treatment with a wonderful, healthy and confident smile."

Dr. Genan is committed to providing a holistic approach to dental care, focusing on the dental health as well as the overall health of her patients. She looks forward to serving the dental needs of the community for years to come.


Our Values


Embrace change, encourage invention and continually remain at the forefront of advances in oral health for the good of our patients, colleagues and company. 


Exemplify and promote whole-person wellness through education and support of programs that keep our patients and employees healthy. 


Demonstrate caring and sensitivity for the diverse backgrounds of our patients and colleagues and generosity in our communities. 


Adhere to high ethical and professional standards, demonstrating commitment to our responsibilities with trust, honesty and respect for all.